Culinary you can enjoy them in kebumen district is

culinary you can enjoy them in kEBUMEN district is

1. Sate Ambal

sate ambal
aneka kuliner khas kebumen
For the lovers of satay, chicken satay in the area Ambal, Kebumen, could be the right choice. Ambal typical chicken satay uniqueness lies in the sauce made from soybeans (tempe). Typically, one serving contains 20-25 Ambal Sate skewer.

2. Rice Penggel

nasi penggel
nasi penggel

Penggel rice is typical culinary Kebumen which can only be found in the morning. Penggel rice suitable as a breakfast menu as served with side dishes and vegetables kikil gori (young jackfruit) and gravy by using banana leaves. Uniquely, the rice on the menu is formed roundly resemble a rice baill. This delicious dish can be found in Kebumen Square, Main Street Village Tembana Pejagoan and Jalan Piere Tendean Kebumen Kebumen.


3. Yutuk

Communities around the beach Petanahan many who consume or sell the culinary-based Yutuk because it tastes delicious. Yutuk is a kind of sea creatures resemble insects. Yutuk regular fries consumed with pecel are sold in stalls along the beach Petanahan,beach suwuk,

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